Chant His Name in ULTRAMAN TRIGGER! Kohshu Hirano Returns as Haruki Natsukawa from ULTRAMAN Z!

Jun.24, 2021



Every Thursday at 5 PM we unveil the latest details about the new TV series Ultraman Trigger, premiering on Ultraman Day, July 10th, on the TV Tokyo Network in Japan.


Today we are thrilled to announce the return of a familiar face to the series: Haruki is back! Actor Kohshu Hirano will be making a special guest appearance reprising his leading role as hero Haruki Natsukawa, who transforms into Ultraman Z (Zett), from the previous Ultraman Z series.


The world is thrown into turmoil when Earth is invaded by the evil parasite creature Celebro. This villain relishes manipulating the inhabitants of the host planet into exterminating themselves in a cruel game it calls the “Civilization Self-Destruction Game”.


To save mankind from the evil parasite creature Celebro and the “Civilization Self-Destruction Game” the villain relishes playing, Haruki Natsukawa bravely fought in the Special Airborne Armors alongside his teammates in STORAGE and Ultraman Z who he merged with. After the fight on Earth was over, Haruki went on a journey with Ultraman Z to the outer reaches of the cosmos.


Haruki and Z will return once again to the world of Ultraman Trigger! For these special cameo episodes, Kiyotaka Taguchi, the Main Director of the Ultraman Z, will once again take the director’s chair. Tune in to see what kind of new chapter Kengo and Haruki, or Trigger and Z, will forge in the Ultraman series!



■ Cast: Kohshu Hirano


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<Comment from Kohshu Hirano>

Hello, everyone! I am Kohshu Hirano, and I am once again playing Haruki Natsukawa. My first day back on set, the crew greeted me with a warm, “Welcome home!” Without missing a step, I replied, “It’s good to be home!” I am delighted to return to the set, which has really become like a second home for me. I hope that everyone watching the show is just as delighted as I was making it.


Now, Haruki is back and with some experience under his belt, I can’t wait to see how he’ll evolve as a character in the series. In true Haruki fashion, I hope that Z and I can bring some extra fire to Ultraman Trigger. Join me to crank up the heat on Saturday mornings and “Chant My Name”!



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【ULTRAMAN TRIGGER – Series Overview

Start Date: July 10th (Sat), 2021

Broadcast Time: Every Saturday 9:00~9:30 A.M. (JST)

Broadcast Channel: TXN Network and others

Production Companies: Tsuburaya Productions, TV Tokyo, and Dentsu

Catch-Ups: ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL Youtube Channel (Free online for approximately 2 weeks following TV broadcast)

Official Series Website (Japanese):

Official ULTRAMAN TRIGGER Website (Japanese):

Official Series Twitter (Japanese):

Official Hashtag: #UltramanTrigger

Actors: Raiga Terasaka, Runa Toyoda, Shunya Kaneko, Tadashi Mizuno, Meiku Harukawa, Katsuya Takagi, Kei Hosogai, Shin Takuma and more

Guest Actors: Kohshu Hirano

Voice Actors: M・A・O, Sumire Uesaka, Maki Shunichi, Ryosuke Takahashi

Main Director: Koichi Sakamoto

Series Composers: Naoki Hayashi, Jyunichiro Ashiki

Directors: Masayoshi Takesue, Kiyotaka Taguchi, Takanori Tsujimoto, Tomonobu Koshi, Naoyuki Uchida

Screenplay: Toshizo Nemoto, Keigo Koyanagi, Sotaro Hayashi, Sumio Uetake, Jun Tsugita

Music: Go Sakabe

Opening Theme Song: Takao Sakuma, “Trigger”

Ending Theme Song: ChouCho, “Nanairo no Tane (Rainbow Seeds)”

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