The main cast of ULTRAMAN Z to appear every day! Daily guests will also join! New Year holiday event “ULTRA HEROES EXPO 2021” comes!

Oct.30, 2020 Events


The main cast of ULTRAMAN Z will be appearing every day at the “ULTRA HEROES EXPO 2021: New Year Festival in Tokyo Dome City”! The exciting “Ultraman Battle Stage” will also be held every day during the event.



【Battle Stage】

The “Ultraman Battle Stage” is a spectacle, starring a new hero Ultraman Z (Zett), along with the New Generation Ultra Heroes. Haruki Natsukawa (played by Kohshu Hirano) who transforms into the newest hero Ultraman Z will join every stage. The casts from Ultraman Z will also be joining the stage as guests with a different cast member every day.



・Appearing Heroes (scheduled): Ultraman Z and more.

・Number of Seats: 510 seats

・Time of Show (scheduled): 10:10am~, 12:10am~, 2:10pm~, 4:10pm~

*All photographs and recordings are prohibited inside the battle stage.

*1 show viewing per ticket


*More details on the event will be announced accordingly on the ULTRA HEROES EXPO official web site (https://www.ultra-expo.com/prism/2021/)



【Ticket Selling Information】

Advanced Ticket: Adult 3,600 yen, Child 2,800 yen

General Ticket: Adult 3,900 yen, Child 3,100 yen


Advanced Tickets: November 1st (Sun) ~ December 25th (Fri), 2020

General Tickets: December 26th (Sat), 2021 ~ January 4th (Mon), 2021

*Ticket with Seating are sold at Lawson Ticket, e+, Ticket Pia

*Adults are middle school and older, Children are 3 years old to elementary school.

*Children under the age of 2 may enter for free, however tickets are required when reserved seats are needed.

*One ticket is valid for one “Battle Stage” viewing.

*Tickets will stop selling once all places are taken.



【Event Information】

・Period: December 26th (Sat), 2020 ~ January 4th (Mon), 2021 [10 Days in Total]

・Place: Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall

・URL: https://www.ultra-expo.com/prism/2021/

・Twitter: https://twitter.com/m78expo

・Host: Tokyo Dome, Tsuburaya Productions, Bandai, BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative

・Supported by: The Yomiuri Shimbun


For information in regards to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, please visit:


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