Ultraman Nexus

Ultraman Nexus

This TV series was produced as part of the "ULTRA N PROJECT" that completely changed the Ultraman concept. The main production staff is the same as that of the movie "ULTRAMAN: THE NEXT", and it is revealed in the story that the world view is five years after "ULTRAMAN: THE NEXT". In this series' world, multiple dunamists (humans who can transform into Ultraman) appear one after the other, and their succession is portrayed. The title "Nexus (Connection)" refers to the handing down of Ultraman's power to each successive dunamist. Although the main character is part of the defense team protecting the earth, until the final episode he is an ordinary human who is not a dunamist and has no special powers. The first two dunamists were actually not defense team members, although they were given items that could be used as weapon, and there are many depictions of them fighting before transforming. In previous series, the defense team wasn't able to defeat monsters without relying on the power of Ultraman. However, in this series, many depictions of the defense team defeating monsters on their own can be seen, and the relative importance of such depictions increased in this and in subsequent series.


Height - 49m
Weight - 40,000 t

This is the main Ultraman Nexus type that appears When a dunamist combines with the Nexus light. The shining silver form is common to all the dunamists. The "Armed Nexus "is equipped on both arms and the side elbow cutter can slice up an enemy into pieces, as well as stop an enemy's attack, either with one hand or with both hands crossed.

Special Moves - Cross-Ray Schtrom

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