Ultraman Dyna

Ultraman Dyna

『Ultraman Dyna』 rests on the same world-view as its predecessor series 『Ultraman Tiga』. The story takes places seven years after the era of 『Tiga』 . After the last episode of 『Tiga』, mankind advances further developments in science and technology. On each of the planets in our solar system they prepare environments in which humans can live, and enter an age of space development based on the neo frontier concept, which expands the observation area further, past the solar system. Humans penetrate space and must deal with various incidents. A mysterious shining light appears, and the series portrays the exploits of Shin Asuka, the youth who gains the power to transform into Ultraman Dyna, and his comrades in the earth defense team SUPER-GUTS.
In the first half, the producers paid attention to accumulating quality episodes, by using characters full of variety, rich variations in story from episode to episode, and a pendulum-like science fiction mind that cleverly alternates hard and soft stories. In the second half, the stories become more space-centered. Human events surrounding Asuka’s father, who disappeared into space along with the light, the circumstances of the people who live in the space age, and the battle between Dyna ,SUPER-GUTS and invaders who devise various schemes (exemplified by Sphere, who is the antagonist throughout the series) are portrayed powerfully. The series is a traditional and emotional work of SF entertainment.


Height - 55m
Weight - 45,000 t

In space, Shin Asuka encounters a mysterious shining light. It is Ultraman, the giant of light.
Dyna and Asuka are completely the same existence, having the same personality and temperament. His anger or sadness are those of Asuka himself. He is truly the second “Human Ultraman.” The basic type is called the Flash Type. It is characterized by a variety of light rays that utilize the power of Dyna Tector.The body is silver with blue and red lines.
Its fighting style is powerful and dynamic, and this is why it was named Ultraman Dyna by Mai, with Dyna standing for “dynamic.”

Special Moves - Solgent Beam

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