Ultraman Agul

Ultraman Agul

Ultraman Agul (V2)


Height - 52m
Weight - 46,000 t

When Hiroya Fujimiya, who had left the battle with the Root of Destruction, saw the absolute crisis faced by Ultraman Gaia(V2) he strongly wished that he could regain the power of Agul and save Gaia. The earth answered his wish, and when he once again joined the sea’s blue light and transformed, the resulting body was Ultraman Agu(l V2). The shape of his chest protector changed, and all of his powers became significantly stronger than before. In order to protect the earth and all of its living things, he joins forces with Gaia (V2) and fights.

Special Moves
Agul Stream
Photon Screw
Agul Saber

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