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Gan-Q does not have any thermal reaction nor give off any vital signs, thus it’s called “Body of irrationality”.
The name Gan-Q was given by a newspaper company in the Ultraman Gaia series.
Attacks are made with electromagnetic waves, or by using special powers to throw rocks.
It can also absorb missiles and fire it back.
Gan-Q was only an eye in its first appearance (Code No.00), but created a new body (Code No.01) from the components of missiles he absorbed and rocks from earth.
He had once absorbed Ultraman Gaia into his body, but was blown up into pieces by an attack from inside.

In episode 31 “The Accursed Eye” in Ultraman Gaia, Gan-Q reappears in a revolting figure (No.02), where it looks like being covered in veins.
It is discovered in an old document that Kijuro Mato, a sorcerer in Sengoku period, transformed himself into Gan-Q.
Since Mato had already died, Gan-Q did not have any vital signs.
Gan-Q was fully restored by storing the powers of Shusaku Sawamura, Mato’s descendant.
He tortures Ultraman Gaia by using its multi shadow clone, but was reverted to his disfigured state with the psychic power of Shusaku.
Lastly Gan-Q was destroyed by Ultraman Gaia’s Photon Stream.